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TICO Terminal Tractors

Engineered  reliability that delivers exceptional asset value.

Checker Flag Leasing is the proud distributor for TICO Terminal Tractors across all of Eastern Canada – a workhorse tractor designed for a 24/7 operation.

Maximum Uptime

At Checker Flag Leasing, we know that your logistics business runs 24/7, and maximum uptime for your terminal tractor is the number one priority. Our TICO Pro-Spotters have dozens of standard features that are only add-on cost options for our competitors.  Engineered for fast, simple and easy maintenance, the TICO Pro-Spotter delivers value, driver comfort and productivity – revolutionizing the way you do business.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a must with any capital equipment tool. The TICO Pro-Spotter is built from the ground up to handle the most demanding operational environments. Through extensive real world expertise, this work horse is designed for easy and efficient repair to maximize up-time.  Best of all, every new TICO Tractor comes equipped with TICO Edge real-time support.

Tractor Specifications

Our TICO Pro-Spotters have dozens of features considered add-ons by the competition, but to us, it’s simply the standard by which we operate.

Real-time Support

TICO EDGE is a service relationship management platform that provides real-time service support for everyone involved in the service and repair process. 

Using TICO EDGE, dealers, fleet managers and service providers can collaborate directly with our TICO Uptime Center to address warranty issues, parts needs, repair specifications and more, for greater efficiency, transparency and faster turnaround times.

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Asset Tracking

Checker Flag Leasing offers GPS fleet management solutions. Customers are able to configure a solution complete with hardware, software and wireless connectivity all in one convenient package. Multiple fleet assets can be tracked all in one mapping and reporting system.

Clients get real-time tracking and mapping that provides mission critical information which safeguard assets and reduce fleet costs.

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TICO Parts

TICO Eastern Canada is an authorized TICO parts supplier throughout Eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Genuine TICO Parts and Accessories are engineered to deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from your Terminal Tractor.Count on important advantages like precision fit, and years of dependable service.

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“Wherever you use your “On Road” and “Off Road” terminal tractors, our experienced staff can help you configure the right terminal tractor that fits your unique business requirements.”

– Tico Eastern Canada – Sales Support

Available for Rent or Lease

Rent a TICO Tractor

Checker Flag Leasing is a full-service, single source provider of rental solutions for fleet operators of all sizes.  We work with customers to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Lease a TICO Tractor

If you’re looking for fleet leasing solutions, Checker Flag Leasing is a full-service, single source leasing provider with a variety of program options to choose from.

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Checker Flag Leasing is ready to consult with you.