• CFL-storage
  • CFL-multitemp-refers
  • CFL-heater-van
  • TICO-liveshere
  • CFL-tailgates
  • Storage
    Vans / containers

    Durable And Secure Storage For A Variety Of Applications

  • Multi-temp

    Flexible Temperature Control Solutions

  • Heater Vans

    Exceptional Heating Efficiency And Performance

  • Tailgates

    High Performance Tailgates From Light To Heavy Duty Applications


Multi-Temp Reefers

Cold logistics carriers need flexiable temperature control solutions to store and deliver multi-temperature commodities. 


Dry Vans

Dry Vans are one of the most popular pieces of transport equipment on the road today. Known for their versatility, dry vans are used for generally non-perishable goods. 


TICO Shunt Truck

Checker Flag Leasing offers Sales, Leasing, Rental and Comprehensive Support on TICO Terminal Tractors for any yard application.