Asset Tracking

Checker Flag Leasing offers GPS fleet management solutions. Customers are able to configure a solution complete with hardware, software and wireless connectivity all in one convenient package. Multiple fleet assets can be tracked all in one mapping and reporting system.

Clients get real-time tracking and mapping that provides mission critical information which safeguard assets and reduce fleet costs.

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Checker Flag Leasing's Aerodynamic Solutions are designed to ultimately maximize fuel savings and minimize your maintenance expense.  Our fully integrated green solution provides immediate results by controlling airflow around your transport trailer which lowers the drag and delivers significant fuel savings. 

Choose from a variety of aerodynamic equipment including Skirts, Tails, TopKits, and Trailer Edges. 

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Whether you’re a truckload carrier or a less-than-truckload carrier, Checker Flag Leasing knows that your transport operations require fast and reliable loading and unloading of your cargo at any dock. When it comes to up-fitting your transport vehicles with proven and reliable Liftgate solutions, Checker Flag Leasing can help.

We provide a complete range of liftgate upfitting solutions including Top Lifters, Stowaways, Railgates, and Sideloaders for light, medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers.

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