Fleet Equipment

Intermodal Container Chassis

We have standard and extendible chassis in various sizes and configurations.

Checker Flag provides a variety of standard, extendable, and combo chassis styles that are built for various container types and meet the most unique industry specific requirements.

Chassis Specifications

Checker Flag Leasing has various Chassis types available to Lease, Rent and Buy including: 45’ Flatbeds, 40’- 45’ Galvanized Extendibles, Sliders and a series of Multi-Function Chassis in a variety of sizes.

Available for Rent or Lease

Rent a Chassis

Checker Flag Leasing is a full-service, single source provider of rental solutions for fleet operators of all sizes.  We work with customers to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Lease a Chassis

If you’re looking for fleet leasing solutions, Checker Flag Leasing is a full-service, single source leasing provider with a variety of program options to choose from.

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“Checker Flag Leasing is the perfect partner for our ever growing business needs.”

– Owner, Intermodal Fleet Logistics Partner


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