As a full-service, single source provider of rental solutions for fleet operators of all sizes, Checker Flag Leasing works with customers to deliver a superior customer experience, from planning and delivery to ongoing support.

The benefits of  RENTING :

  • quickly add capacity to your fleet
  • handle seasonal demands
  • testing markets
  • fill in service gaps

Short & Longterm Rentals

Checker Flag Leasing’s Short and Long Term Rental programs provide the perfect solution for handling increased demands on your fleet. 

Short Term

Checker Flag Leasing’s Short Term Rentals provide the perfect solution for handling seasonal peak demands, store overstock, or managing perishable goods for statutory holidays when you only need to rent from month to month. This can also work well for filling service gaps during tractor maintenance, equipment repair or upgrades.

Checker Flag Leasing’s Long Term Rental program offers the flexibility of renting assets over a 12 month term or longer which may (or may not) require a full maintenance program. This is perfect for “Trial runs” when you’re trying to determine the right mix of equipment for your fleet as your business requirements are changing.

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Purchase Finance

The Purchase Finance program combines the value of a long-term rental with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of your term. You can choose from a range of transport equipment including those with specialized up-fits and high mileage requirements.

The Purchase Finance program provides options to customize your monthly payment plans to help you improve cash flow and tailor the residual fees to meet your particular business requirements.

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Mobile Storage

Checker Flag Leasing offers a great selection of storage solutions including highway storage vans for warehouse inventory overflow or for on-site reliable storage of equipment and tools.

Our storage solutions provide a variety of smart configurations that can be designed to fit most business requirements including temperature controlled storage for perishable overstock and outdoor events or dry van storage that is forklift accessible and easily relocated.

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