Checker Flag Leasing provides advisory services based on your business requirements including:

  • Fleet Assessments
  • Inspection & Appraisal
  • Maintenance & Safety Audits

Fleet Assessments Checker Flag provides Fleet Assessments for fleet owners. Checker Flag offers a trusted independent third party opinion on areas such as: fleet condition reports, costs to refurbish reports, equipment specification & warranty assessment, etc.

Inspection & Appraisal CheckerFlag can help minimize the risk associated with equipment purchases. Inspections are very thorough and are designed to highlight actual or potential problems with the condition of equipment and components. CheckerFlag takes a consultative approach when providing technical advice to help determine if the transport equipment under consideration is cost effective based on market value, ongoing cost to repair and safety specifications.

Maintenance & Safety Audits CheckerFlag Maintenance Audits are an effective method to determine whether there are weaknesses in ‘own fleet’ service programs, and more importantly, to recommend corrective action. Through a comprehensive fleet audit, CheckerFlag can determine what is currently working and what is necessary to improve the maintenance and operational safety of fleet equipment.

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