Checker Flag Leasing offers a great selection of storage solutions. Hiway storage vans for warehouse inventory overflow or for on-site reliable storage of equipment and tools. The Storage Solution by Checker Flag provides an abundant supply of storage solution configurations that can be designed to fit most business requirements.

Temperature Control Storage

Temperature Control StorageTemperature Control Storage is the perfect solution for storing temperature sensitive and perishable goods. Reefer trailers are well insulated and weather tight. They provide excellent temporary storage for perishable overstock and for outdoor events. Checker Flag’s Temperature Control Storage in both diesel and electric powered configurations.

Dry Van Storage

Dry Van Storage Solutions offer a wide variety of dry van trailer storage types to choose from. This solution provides dock height, forklift accessible storage that can be easily relocated.

Let us know what storage solution is right for you. Checker Flag provides prompt delivery of Storage Solutions to your locations.


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